Game of Warriors introduction

Game of Warriors Guide to Make an Effective Start

Perhaps you was looking for a funny mobile game to pass time when you have to wait. And after some search you find out Game of Warriors. That’s our case and we immediately falled in love of it. Game of warriors (GoW) is a Town defence and conquest mobile game where you own a village that is surrounded by ennemies. You have to defend your village from attacks by improving your Castle and Units. Each waves of ennemies you beat reward you with some gold that you can use to upgrade your village stats. Basically it works like many other games. But it has his its own particuliarities that we are going to explain in this game of warriors guide.

Game of Warriors introduction

Guide to fight in Game of Warriors

The combat system isn’t much complicated to understand, but it has some subtililities to get before you start. The main way to fight in this game is by going in the village interface and click on “Next Wave”.

You will then see some ennemies troops coming close to your village to try to destroy your wall. The wall is the only defence that protect you village, so if ennemies units reduce his HP to 0, you lose the fight. But don’t worry, you have many things available to defend this wall. First, you have your own units which are also called Soldiers that are able to kills attackers units. You can of course upgrade your units to get stronger soldiers but it costs many gold. So you start with farmers, that can become militia, trained militia and more… It takes a while to get all units unlock but famers are fine at low levels.

unlock new units

Guide to defend your village

After you kill all ennemies units from a waves, you earn a good amount of gold. This gold can be used in many ways, as we see above, to upgrade your soldier but also your Castle buildings. The first things you need to considere upgrading is the Walls of your village. Indeed, this is going to increase your walls hp, which is the building you have to defend from ennemies waves. More Hp you get, more harder you are to defeat.

But you can also increase the defence of your village by upgrading your archers and the towers. Each level give more damage to your archers or reduce the cooldown of your Towers attacks. So, spread the gold you earn among all these feature to improve your village global defence. First waves arn’t that hard to beat, so profit of it to stack a lot of gold and evolve your village.

Train your skills to be stronger

Each time you a defeating a waves, you get also some xp in reward. This xp is used to increase you generale level, and each level up gives you about 3 XP points. These points can be spend to upgrade many skills thap help you globaly to defend your village. 1 point is used to get 1 skill level, for instance you can choose to spend your points to increase your Towers damages, your wall HP , the damage of your soldiers, and many more things.

General Skills

So all of these informations should help you to understand how this game is working. We just start on game of Warriors, so we can’t give you more details about this game for now, but we will keep add guides and tips about it while we will progress. So stay tunned!

Invade neighboors villages to conquer them

Another way to make a fight on Game of Warriors is to go on the map and try to invade villages close to you. Then call your units and make waves to attack castles arround you. Click on “invade” button and get ready to the fight! If you successfully ruin the wall of the village, it means you win the battle and this become your colony.

Your goal is to take back the control of all the villages of your kingdom that has been invaded by your ennemies. There are differents levels on these villages according to the difficulties to defeat them. So you need first to invade the low level castle. This is a bit harder to invade a village than defending because in addition to killing troops, you also need to get down the wall of the castle in the same time. That’s why you need a great army before you want to get colonies.

Game of Warriors Colony

Getting a colony is very useful for the long term playing, as it provide to the player constant gold per hours. So you can have a maximum of +15 gold per hour if you have upgraded your colony to the max level. Also, you still can earn gold when you’re offline thanks to your colonies. Indeed you can use the bank to stack a great amount of gold when you don’t play. Now you understand why getting colonies is necessary when you play Game of Warriors.

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