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The Game of Warriors hack to never run out of gold

In this article, we want to help you understand the basics of collecting gold with a Game of Warriors hack and also regular method. Of course, There are multiple ways to earn a lot of gold that we are going to explain here. In this game, gold is something essential for the progression of your village. It will allow you to upgrade your defence buildings (walls, towers, archers…) and also your warriors units. Keep reading if you want to know the best advices to collect your game of warriors coins faster.

Complete waves to earn always more gold

This is the main and the most effective so far method to gain gold in game of warriors. Indeed, for each waves you defeat, you earn a fair amount of gold. The number of gold you get per wave increase with each wave. Especially at low level because waves are really easy to defeat. This makes completing waves the best way to earn a decent amount of gold. When you reach higher levels, waves are of course a bit more complicated to defeat from the previous ones. But the coins they are giving as reward are even more interesting.

Use the last game of warriors hack

Not long ago, we discover by watching videos on youtube that there was a way to get a lot of gold in this game. Indeed, some people have cheated the system to be able to generate a huge amount of golf for free. Thanks to this game of Warriors hack you could become rich in no time. And the best thing is that there is no way for other people to know that you used this software. So, it makes this hack very powerful for people who want to cheat on game of warriors. Anyway, if your conscience tells you to don’t do a such thing, do not worry. You still can read our others gold collecting method to get it more conscientiously.

Get more colonies to earn more coins per hour

Another interesting method to increase your gold income is to conquest more villages. Once you successfully invade a village, you are able to make upgrade for few coins only. These upgrade are used to increase your gold income per hour. It isn’t much, like 5 or 6 coins per minutes, but if you multiply this by your number of colonies, it finally make decent bonus of gold each hour.

gold income from colonies

There are two ways to stack the coins your earn. If you’re connected to the game, the gold will directly come in your reserve; so you can use it instantly. But, when you’re not on the game, the gold arrive inside your bank if you got one. The bank will stock your gold until a certain amount, which depends on your bank level. At level one this represent 756 coins, and you need to upgrade it with your gems, which is not very easy.

game of warriors bank

Alternative methods to get more gold in Game of Warriors without hack

In the official store

Of course, you the most evident way to get many gold is to buy it from the official store. Also, by doing this you will suppport the Game of Warriors developpers. So, if you like this game it would be nice way to show it. You can’t directly buy gold for cash, but you can buy some gems, then exchange them for gold. There are different prices depending on the amount you wan’t. See the picture below to know prices. The average price for the gems is 1$ for 40 gems, which isn’t that much.

official store

Watch some ads

Watching some advertisement is a very good thing to do if you are looking for more game of warriors gold. You can simply watch an ads and be rewarded directly with some gold or other stuff. Also, you can choose to see an ads for fews second to collect +25% of what is inyou bank.

fortune wheel

Each day, you have one free spin on the fortune wheel. This wheel allows you to earn many rewards, including a great amount of gold. There are 2 rewards concerning coins which are a normal stack of coins or a big stack of coins. As there are only 2/8 chance for you to get then coins rewards, this is definitely not the best method to collect gold in this game.

fortune wheel

Gold is the main resources you can find on Game of Warriors. There are mutliple ways to collect it, but you still need to play hard and to focus if you want to be rich. That’s why we wanted to share with you the best hack for game of warriors. Anyway, the more you progress in the game, the more expensive the thing to upgrade will be. Don’t worry if you don’t want to try-hard the game, resources will come little by little.

I hope you enjoy playing this game, and that our tutorial are helping you! If you have question leave us a comment or a feedback in the comments section.

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