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Game of Warrior strategy to always be victorious

Game of warriors is a game that seems to be easy to play. You could ignore that you have plenty of point to work on if you want to be strong and evolve fast. Defeating waves, upgrading your soldier / defence buidling, getting colonies… If you want to progress in a efficient way you have some Game of Warriors strategy to know. Even more for new players, it can be hard to understand all the features of this game. That’s why we are going to present you the main steps and the strategy to adopt if you begin and you are a bit lost on this game.

Strategy to upgrade units and building

Soldier tech tree

When it come to fights, the first thing that come in mind is your soldiers units. Indeed, they are the main conposents of a battle, they will do most of the damage in a battle. Also, they are indispensable as they are used as a protection for your wall. As far you go in the game, you can use your collected gold to buy a new technology that will give a significant update for certain soldiers. In this way, you can create new units that join your troops during a battle. Each kind of units can be leveled up three time before you can unlock the next unit.

soldier tech tree

In the picture above, you can see the tech tree of soldier you can own in this game. For each line you have a differents kind of soldier that you can use in your battle. The units the most at the right of this tree are the best you can have. But it cost many gold to unlock all soldier, as you still need to upgrade them 3 times before you unlock a new soldier. So, depending on what strategy you adopt, you should make the choice of the units you want to unlock.

Building levels

In parrallel of your units, your village have some buildings that you can also level up and upgrade as far as you evolve in the game. There are two kinds of buildings in a village. One is vital to keep you village safe from ennemies: the wall. The others buildings are used to defend you village. Archers, catapults, towers, all of them will help you to kill troops that try to invade you.

To begin, you have a wall. The wall is an essential structure as it protects you village from your opponents. If your walls hitpoints fall to 0, this means you lost the battle. So be very attentive to it during a battle. Then, you always need to call units to be in front of the fight to protect your wall. The more you upgrade your wall, the more hitpoints he get. So you can survive longer to an attack.

buildings upgrades

After this, all of the other buildings you will unlock are used to make damage to your ennemies. Of course, all structures need gold to be upgraded in the same way as your soldiers. You can read our article if you want to know how to collect gold in game of warriors. Because you are going to get a lot gold if you wan to upgrade all side of your village. But don’t worry, gold should arrive faster and faster as you play.

Game of warriors Strategy on battle

A thing you have to know is that each wave is harder than the previous one. Every 5 or 10 waves, you can fight against more organized and stronger troops. So, this will make the game very easy to play when you start it. But, the farest you will go on the game, the harder your ennemies will be. And that’s why at a certain level, you should have to think about a strategy to efficiently kill all your opponents.

To have an idea of what a strategy battle looks like watch this video:

Differents kind of ennemies

There are differents kind of ennemies that you need to identify while you’re fighting. For instance, you can distinguish between Javelin Militia and horsemen which have a very different style of attack. Indeed, Javelin Militia have low life, deal only little damage and stand at the back of the fight. Which means you need to call strong soldier like Trained Militia to reach then kill them.

Another example is when you are facing horsemen. You need to call Javelin soldier in addition of strong soldier to tank the high damage that riders deal and to kill them fast. Anyway, don’t forget that you have some defensive bonus to help you.

Use buildings and boosts to defend yourself

Another strategy you can adopt on Game of Warriors to be even stronger is to considere using your general’s skill and your defence buildings. They both can give you great advantages that make the difference during a battle.

Upgrade general’s skills

For each level you gain in this game, you are rewarded with some xp points. These points can be spend in something called General’s skills shop. In this shop you can get some amazing bonus that will help you during a battle. For instance, at low level you can get the “Battle Horn” which temporary increases units damage. This skill need to be used at the right time when you are figthing enemies. Precisely when you have a lot of your units in the battlefield and you are trying to defeat strong ennemies.

boost strategy while fighting

With xp points, you can also get some permanent bonus, like increase your damage, reduce the cooldown of your soldier, get moer wall hitpoints and many more things…

Defensive buildings

As said above, except for the wall, every structures you have on your village are used to fight your opponents. There are few things that you need to do during a battle to efficiently used your strength. Indeed, if you own catapults or archers, you need to active them by clicking on a button when fighting. So, you will be able to send projectiles at your adversaries, or to increase speed of your archers attacks.

All of these points make this game a bit harder than it seems to be. then you can figure out that Game of Warriors need a bit of strategy if you want to successfully upgrade your village.

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