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Free Fire Hack – Win your games + diamonds generator

After the huge succes of Fortnite, so many players fall in love of Battle Royale games and it didn’t spare the mobile players. If you love playing Battle Royale mode Free Fire is the game you need to download on your phone. Garena Free Fire is both survival and shooting game that became so famous during the last 2 years. Free Fire is then the perfect alternative if you are looking for an amazing Battle Royale game on phone. Then, if you play Free Fire maybe you want to learn a way to get a lot of ressources for free easily. Yes, instead of waiting days and days to collect your ressources, did you know that you could use a simple Free Fire Hack to simplify the process.

With this, you won’t have to wait for daily bonus, or to play a lot to have enough Free Fire diamonds to buy stuffs on the store.

Free Fire online Diamonds Generator

Free Fire Diamonds – How to use the ressources generator

Perhaps you’re here because you want to know a way to earn free fire diamonds? So you’re lucky because we are going to share with you a still very unknow method that will provide you a lot of diamonds for free. So, as we said, this method is under-estimated and more and more players are discovering it nowadays.

I’m not going to keep the suspense any longer. So yes there are some online applications that will help you to obtain diamonds very easily. These Free Fire generator works entirely online. So you don’t have any external software to download (it avoid virus or malwares). They inject some lines code to hack Free Fire servers and then add free fire diamonds to your account. Of course, you can encrypt all data to make the use of a such software completly anonymous. With that, no one can know that you used it. This guaranty the secure of your account, and thanks to this, you can’t get any trouble using this diamonds generator.

Free Fire Diamonds generator tutorial

To make everything clear for you, follow these easy steps if you want to earn diamonds with the Free Fire generator.

  1. Access to the online tool thanks to the button inside this article.
  2. Once you’re there, enter your Free Fire username and select the device you use to play. It works for both android and iOS. (Your password is NOT required to make the software working, only your username)
  3. Wait for the server find and syncronize to your account. You will receive a notification when it’s done.
  4. Choose how many diamonds you want the free fire generator gives you.
  5. Verify that you’re a human through a simple verification process.

After you successfully complete all these steps, come back on your account to enjoy your free fire diamonds.

Free Fire Hack – Play on computer with an emulator

Another Free Fire hack method that is most knowed by the gaming community (more particulary on mobile) is to play on a computer using an emulator. If you’re intersted by this method, we sugest you to use the bluestack emulator which work very well for this kind of stuff. Once you install Bluestack on your computer, simply find Free Fire game on the PlayStore and install it on your emulator. Now you can play Free Fire and computer, this will give you many benefits on your opponents. Indeed, with a PC, you got a way larger screen (so you see more details). You can use your keyboard to set-up all commands as you prefere. And finally your mouse will give you a lot of more precision on the game.

All of this will provide you a significant advantage to make a lot of Top 1 in Free Fire. As most of players won’t make the effort to play on emulator, you should play against so many mobile players. So, the game will become a way easier to play, even more fun and your stats will higly increase too!

make Free Fire top 1

About Garena Free Fire game

Since the recent succes of Battle Royale mode inside differents games (Pubg, Fortnite, Apex, etc..) it’s not a surprise to see such popularity around Free Fire. Furthermore, Free Fire offer to player a different way to play for people who are used to play Fortnite.

In this game, there are 2 types of characters: one are people kidnapped by a misterious organization called FF. The others people are attracted by FF’s bounty game. So differents class are possible to play with. But there is only one goal given by FF for every one: stay alive.

With his more realistic style closer to Pubg and shorter games at only 50 players, the games are very intense. Will you be the last survivor?

Also, don’t forget the many rewards available in the menu interface. Indeed, you have a lot of skin to unlock, some box to open and many more bonus to get. Obviously nothing is free if you want these reward, you need free fire diamonds and some gold. Gold is coming nuturally by playing games, but diamonds aren’t coming for free unfortunately. But remember that you have a way to earn free fire diamonds now!

Free Fire Game


The world of mobile gaming is full of surprise especially when it comes to massives multiplayers games like Free Fire. Players will always find ways to cheat the game to unlock rewards faster or to be stronger. Thanks to this, we can know find some Free Fire hacks that work fine and help players a lot. No matter if you want more precision, considerable advantages or only diamonds in Free Fire. In 2019 it’s possible to get all of these stuff very easily on internet.

Anyway, a lot of players are fighting against this kind of movements. They defend games as they originally are and this is higly understandable. If you still want to use any games hack, just keep in mind that it always bothers some people.

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