F3 app review – The new anonymous question app is getting famous

F3 app review

Today, we come with a special application called F3. In this social network, you are able to ask anything to someone anonymously. Also, you can improve your answer with a photo/video you take. If you want use it this is simple. Go on your app store, download the F3 application and log-in with your facebook or snapchat account. And tadaa! After no more than 5 minutes you are ready to ask every questions you wonder to people you follow. So, read our F3 app review if you want to learn more about what you can do there.

What can you do on this application?

The first thing we can say for a F3 app review is that it works like many other social network. You can build your profile by connecting with facebook or snapchat and so import your data (photos, bitmojis, etc…).You can also find friends throught other social networks profiles to help you at the begining. Thanks to this, you should have a profile picture, a little bio, some followers… You can set-up your account, and choose the option you prefere for the use of this application. For instance, you can make your account private, so only your friends can see what your publish. You can enable or disable anonymous question, so no one can ask you something anonymously if you’re bored of getting irrelevant questions.. Finally, if someone keep asking you question you don’t wan’t to see, you can block him even if you don’t know his identity.

Create awesome content for your answers

So, once you have a complete profile you can start using the magic of F3. Basically, you just need to wait for someone ask you something to make your answer. When you got a qestion, then you can choose to use your camera to take a picture / video that will fill the question. You need of course to add texte to have a complete answer. And don’t have to answer with your camera, you can also use text only. If you don’t want to wait for people ask question to you, there is a discover section where you have some question of the day already asked for you. So, you just need to create your answer!

Why F3 is popular

Considering the evolution of social networks and more particulary anonymous question app, we can wonder what makes F3 popular these days?

F3 app logo

Differences with other Ask/Answer applications

Indeed, it’s not a surprise to see a such application and many already have used this concept. We know for example ask.fm that was famous ten years ago, but why F3 is getting popular these days? Because F3 isn’t only a anonymous ask application. It’s a lot more than that, it’s a real social network. You can fill you profile with many features, add your friends, link your other social networks (IG, Twitter, snap) to your account, share some awesome answer improved with photos/videos. All of this make F3 popular these day, and “surtout” for young people.

When we talk about this kind of apps, we have to remember about Sarahah. This application was originaly created to post anonymous feedback inside a company. It was very appreciated on some country where the human rights concerning work was not respected. So, Sarahah was there to denounce bad practices in complete privacy. After some times, a lot of teens have appropriate this application and Sarahah became a basic anonymous ask application.

A new age for social network as F3

We are soon in the 2020′ year and among the youth, it isn’t necessary Facebook that is the most used social network. Indeed, since few years we can notice so many people migrate to other kind of networks more in the age of time.

Today, people want to create medias, and share them with there friends and also to the world. You can take the example of Instagram, which is more used than facebook today. Also TikTok, which got more downloads than Facebook ealier this years, take a huge place on the smartphone of youth of today. Today, people want to become creator, create and share content with the world with the little hope to become famous one days thanks to these apps.

F3 app reviews by users

users reviews

If you want to have an idea of what users of F3 think about this app, you can read the reviews below that come from official playstore.

Ilkhom 5/5

ask questions u never can ask directly🤗😁 and its really interesting answering them. Really joyful app to spend ur time with friends. I just only tell u to use it then u will see the happiness.

Jake 4/5

People seem to be more talkative when they don’t know who’s asking them the questions. If you’re bored it’s a good time killer. App works great. Couple times here or there it’ll kick you out, but don’t most apps?

If you want to leave a feedback on F3 feel free to complete the section below. This will help new users to have an idea about what is this application and if it worth downloading.

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