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Coin Master free spins – Enjoy your free spins today

Nowaday, more and more players are asking for coin master free spins on google as they run out of it so fast. Some websites offer at those players a bunch of bonus links given by the official Coin Master facebook page. Unfortunately, they give away dozen of spins, or maybe 1 or 2 millions gold, but not much to play comfortably. You want free spins so bad so perhaps you already have tried all these links with the hope to earn amazing rewards.

So, if you really want to get a decent amount of spins for your Coin Master account, you should be happy to know it. Indeed, here on secure-linez we offer thousands of spins to every players that use our generator. It’s totally free to use and secure for your account so don’t worry.

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How to get unlimited spins on Coin Master

I know you are impatient to learn how to use it so we’re not going to keep the suspense up any more. This is really simple if you want coin master free spins you only need to use an online software that will generate spin for you. You don’t have much things to do. Complete the software page with somes informations: username, amount of spin you want, anti-spam verification and that’s all. The little information will be enough to make the online tool working to give you extra ressources on Coin Master. You don’t need to make any further action to make it works. That’s why it makes this the best way to unlock coin master free spins for any players and without any particular knowledge.


To be sure you fully understand how it works we made a step by step tutorial so you can get all your spins easily. Follow these instructions if you want to claim free spins every day.

  1. Visit the online tool page by clicking on the button below.
  2. Once you’re there, enter your in-game username to make the software recognize your.
  3. After you successfully syncronize your account, select the amount of spins required.
  4. Complete the verification captcha to proove you’re not a bot.

That’s all. After you complete these 4 easy steps, you should see your spins ready to use when you come back to your account. It may take a little while before you recieve the gift, but after at most 5 minutes everything should be here. If you have any issue with this software, please let us know with a comment or send us an email.

Are spins coming in a safe way?

You may then be a little septic to learn that you can have spins so easily. But we want to assure you that it’s safe for you and for your Coin Master account.

First, notice we never ask you for your password or any other sensitives or personal informations to provide you the CM free spins. If at any stage of our tutorial someone is asking for your password or anything much than your username just go away. The only informations about you that we need is your username. So stay aware of scammers you will steal you account or inforamtions for bad use.

On the other hand, the coin master software is working with encrypted data. It means that there is no way for Coin Master to discover that you have used a such software. All the spins will come as if it was a gift link so it will look like natural. After you receive all spins, you keep them forever and you can’t get ban or get them removed.

Other ways to get free spins on Coin Master

Of course, there are some other method to collect a lot of spins without using this kind of tools. If for any reasons, you are against the use of external software to play games, you can read these advices to still get some free spins.

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In-game method to collect spins

While you are playing, there are plenty of tips to know if you want to increase your chance to earn spins. For instance, you can adopt a certain strategy while you are playing. If you have been playing for some time, you may recognize the pattern used by the Coin Master when you bet. So if you feel that you are going to spin on a great rewards, don’t hesitate to bet higer than normal.

Also, almost every day there are differents events in Coin Master that help you to progress and to collect more spins and gold. So, you before spinning, you just have to wait for an amazing event that will boost you’re rewards. There is a very great advices to use if you own a big amount of spins on your account. Of course, you can play them when you want, but if there is no event you will certainly miss very good stuffs.

Another way to collect a lot of spins in CM is to complete set cards. Cards are given randomly by chests that you can get from the store, when you complete a village or by luck with a raid. Completing a set card will reward you with a lot of spins and also some xp for your pets. If you miss some cards, you can go on the coin master trading group to complete your set cards with other players.

Use gift links to get daily rewards

Another common way to collect spins is to find bonus links on websites. It’s not necessary hard to find out, and you can get these links on the official Facebook page of the game. Everyday, a link is shared by CM staff that give fews spins and gold. If you’re too lazy for it, you can simply find a website that list every recent links for you. So you just have to visit these sites with your phone, and click on the links to get your rewards.

There is again another way to get daily spins from the official game. Apparently, you can subscribe to Coin Master newsletter and receive bonus links by email everyday.

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